We always have a choice. Choose to be better

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This chart is made by Marry Ellen Tribby in 2011 after meeting and working with some of the smartest, most successful entrepreneurs in the world - as she wrote about it. 

My advice
Print it and put it on your desk, in your agenda or somewhere else where you can see it every day.

As MarryEllen Tribby said,”as long as we recognize and identify where we need to improve and continually strive to get there -- greater success will follow”. In her vision, people that succeed and reach their goals make 17 things. Let’s take them step by step.

1. Have a sense of gratitude 
Did you know that gratitude can make you feel happier? Try to show gratitude to people around you, try to offer them some help without asking for anything in return etc. 

2. Forgive others 
Nobody is perfect. I am not perfect. You are not perfect. Everybody makes mistakes. This is how we learn. Life is too short to hold on negative feelings. Really, let them go. Instead of holding any grudges, offer your forgiveness.You will feel happier and you will find peace of mind this way, not concentrating on someone’s mistakes.

3. Accept responsibility for their failures 
As I said before, everybody makes mistakes and this is how we learn. Thus, be a grown up and accept your failures. Do not blame someone else or the Universe for something that you did wrong. Only you are responsible for your actions and decisions, nobody else. "Big people” should understand this. So from now on, no more “sorry I’m late, the traffic was horrible”, and leave home earlier next time you know you have an important meeting.

4. Compliment 
Do you like someone's smile? Tell him/her! Are you impressed of your colleague's work? Say it! When we see a successful person, we may tend to be jealous. But instead of feeling like this and start to criticize, let’s feel happy for that person, for his/her ideas and hard work. Let’s compliment him/her and try to learn from his/her success. 

5. Read everyday 
As Will Smith said - in his speech about the key to life - there is no new problem you could have that someone hasn't already solved and written about it in a book. Reading helps you grow, get inspired, develop new ideas, find out new information in so many domains. There is always something that you could learn about. And the more you learn, the more you will find yourself in Albert Einstein's quote:

If you don’t enjoy reading, that is probably because you haven’t found the kind of books that you like. Keep on searching, there are so many of them. I, for example, like to read books about leadership, personal development, marketing and advertising and classical novels. 

6. Keep a journal 
Keeping a journal has many benefits, like boosting our creativity, keeping a record of our progress or releasing stress.

7. Talk about ideas 
Eleanor Roosevelt once said: "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." Why waste time talking about other people when you could share ideas and get inspired as well. You will not believe how many interesting thing you could find out from other smart people like you.
8. Want others to succeed 
This is connected with step no.9 – sharing information. I offer my help and accept helping people with as much as I can. Yes, I want other people to succeed because this is how we can grow together. For example, I want every young people to develop as much as they can, to become better human beings and to succeed. This way we can succeed together as a community, as a country, as a continent, as the world :)
9. Share information and data 
Sharing is caring :) I like to share my knowledge, experiences and ideas. One of the ways I do it is through this blog. Another way is through the international projects in which I participate and educational projects that I organize through the NGO where I am a member. Why am I sharing? Because I want to help people develop as well, to find out easier about the things that I discovered and learned by myself. We should not be in a competition, we should act like a big team, helping each other.

10. Keep a "to-be" list 
Always aim to become better. Write down the qualities that you would like to define your personal branding; after that, think about what you need to do in order to become like that. Make a plan and get to action

11. Exude joy 
Start to be happy for everything that you have, for every person that is in your life, for everything that you achieved. I, for instance, enjoy every little thing in my life – like a warm tea in a cold day or when I put my sunglasses on in a sunny day, like the smell of the chai latte that I drink or the taste of the cocoa that I put on top of it. I simply smile like a child and make other people smile as well.

12. Keep a "to-do/project" list
This step is important. I keep an agenda and it is extremely useful. Keeping an agenda helps me be organized and remember what I have to do while also prioritizing my tasks. I started keeping an agenda in the first year of university when I started volunteering and participating in trainings, conferences, workshops and other events and projects at the same time- my schedule became so full, that I couldn't rely just on my memory anymore. 

Try this: every morning write a to-do list for that day and prioritize the activities. This way you will first focus on the important tasks that you have to complete and make sure that they get done. On the other hand, at the end of the day you will feel that you accomplished something when you will see your objectives checked on the list.

13. Set goals and develop life plans 
It is important to think about what would you like to achieve and who would you like to become. Then you may concentrate all your efforts in reaching your goals. Here is an article about how to write a life plan.

14. Embrace change 
Don’t be afraid of change. Take my advice and always try to get out of your comfort zone. As time will pass by, you will feel how your comfort zone grows and the challenges that you have to overcome will become bigger and bigger; and you will become better and better.
15. Give other people credit for their victories 
Appreciate other people’s effort and successes. This is really important especially if you are coordinating a team. Support your team members, give them recognition for their achievements and help them grow. Don’t take credit for something that you didn’t do and be proud of your team instead.

16. Continuously learn
Most people stop learning after graduation. But this is a big mistake. Learning is a continuous process, so we should do it for the rest of our lives. That is why you should take into consideration advice no. 5. Please, don’t change books with TV after finishing school. Knowledge is the real power. If you want to grow, to develop, to get smarter every day, to get better at your work then you know what you have to do.

17. Operate from a transformational perspective
Through your actions you should be looking to change the future, rather than keeping things the same.