A random act of kindness that makes the world a little happier

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Let me tell you about something that makes me smile every day. I receive kind words and beautiful messages, advices and quotes from people I have never met, from around the world. And I do exactly the same thing. I also try to do something special for a stranger; I send my positive thoughts in the world, hoping that they will inspire someone and make a difference his/her life.

How is this possible? Well, The Sugar Cube Factory makes all this magic happen. You can make someone a little happier just by writing a sugar cube. A sugar cube is a short message, written with your own words of kindness and love, with the intention of making someone else happy. Watch the next video and see how this works:

What do you think about this concept? Do you also believe in the power of words and in our ability to connect to each other regardless our location, background or identity?

Here are just a few sugar cubes that I really enjoyed or received at the right time.