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I clicked on this video just out of curiosity, thinking to give it just a few seconds of my time, but I ended up watching it all. Twice. Of course, it is not the first time that I am realizing this things, but the question still remains - what can we do? what can I do?

The answer is that we have to take action. Start with yourself. As Ghandi said, "be the change you want to see in the world". Stop thinking that you are too small and there is nothing that you could do. We are all small, but small step by small step, will eventually lead to the big change that we all want to see. 

Start with the way you want to live. Be brave and make those changes in your life that will bring you happiness. Otherwise, there will come that time when you will be old and find yourself asking what have you done with your life. What are you proud of? How did you add value to the society? Did you follow your dreams? Your passions? Your gut? Or you did not have time for them? Are you happy with the way you have lived your life? You already know what the answers could be. And I already know how I want my answers to be.

Here are some steps, to get you started:
- Stop wasting the money you make on things. Things that you think will bring you happiness, but they actually do not. It is an illusion. And think about this: why spend all your money that you make by working hard an entire month on "nothing", when you could actually save them? You have to think before you buy: "do I really need this?". Did you ever consider that less stuff equals more happiness?
- Try to spend your money on experiences and not on things - learn a new skill, travel, practice a new sport etc.
- Start taking care of your body and mind. Appreciate you more. Exercise, eat healthier, read, learn, travel (with what money? with the money that you don't spend anymore on things you don't need).
- Start connecting more with people around you. Leave your phone aside and be connected there. Be present in the moment. make conversation, laugh, make compliments, listen.
- Follow your dreams. Start working for them now. Anything is possible. Really!
- Be responsible and take care of the environment.
- Volunteer.The fact that you can contribute to bringing a positive change in the community will make you feel better and by seeing the results of your involvement will only make you want to help more. Volunteering can also make you feel happier.
- Be kind without expecting anything in return. Show gratitude.
Stop doing things just because you are expected to do them and the rest of the world do it. Instead, live your life the way you want to, the way that feels right to you. Live. Enjoy life.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”- Oscar Wilde.

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  1. I couldn't say it better. Life is too short not to let yourself to be inspired by this article. Fantastic job!