Learning foreign languages from the streets - easy and fun

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If you are learning a foreign language, here is a cool initiative that not only allows you to learn it from native speakers, but it also helps you make an idea of how people are like, to hear their opinion about different topics, to get to better know the country, its culture and to really feel how it is to be there even though you are miles away.
I am talking about Easy Languages, an international video project with a huge potential. Basically, Easy Languages is posting videos in which native speakers are interviewing people on the streets on different topics. All the videos contain subtitles in both the original language as well as in English, which is really helpful for those who are learning. You can watch the videos on Easy Languages YouTube channel, where you can choose from a variety of foreign languages like British or American English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Arabic, Japanese, Indonesian and so on.

The videos are providing and authentic experience and they are really interesting and fun to watch. It is like being there on the streets listening to local people speaking. You really get into the atmosphere and you feel like you are getting to know the people - how they are like, how they are spending the day, why they like living in a particular country or city etc.

Here are three examples from Easy British English -  What do British people think about the Royal Family, Easy French - what do French people like or dislike about Paris and Easy German - What is typical German. Enjoy!

You can find Easy Languages on YouTube, Facebook or on their Website.