Language exchange - meeting people, practicing foreign languages and having fun

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I am in Łódź, Poland and last night I came across a concept that I really liked so I want to share it with you. We went to a bar on Piotrkowska Street 102, where every Thursday night there is a Language Exchange meeting. What is a Language Exchange? A nice opportunity to interact with people from different countries, have interesting conversations and maybe build friendships. If you enjoy meeting people, especially from other nationalities and like sharing life stories and experiences, this kind of event is perfect for you.

When you arrive there you have to put on a sticker with your name, your native language and the other languages that you know. Then you just start approaching people based on the common language(s) that you can speak. I also read somewhere that some nights tables are arranged by language – another way of connecting the people that are attending the meeting.

I found this concept really interesting and fun. Plus, the place looks really nice. So I searched whether there are such events in Bucharest as well, and I happily found something similar: Language Exchange Bucharest

Language Exchange Bucharest is a bit different, as it is focused on learning and practicing foreign languages by speaking them with other people. The meetings are organized weekly or once every 2 weeks in coffee shops and tea houses and the languages used are English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Italian (only one language used per meeting). During the events you can communicate in the meeting’s language but there are also other activities that you can attend like film, karaoke, game night meetings, trips and parties. This idea is also nice and all the meetings are free of charge. If you want more information about Language Exchange Bucharest, follow their website or their Facebook page.

Do you have this kind of meetings in your city/country?