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“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst” (William Penn). 
When was the last time you thought: "I don't have time for this"?

Today we say this so often. But did you notice what are the things for which we cannot find time? Usually for what makes us happy. We don’t have time for our family, we don’t have time to read, to exercise, to travel, we don’t have time for our hobbies, for our passions, for our dreams. Is this normal? If we only live once, shouldn’t we live doing whatever makes us happy and laugh until our belly hurts, whatever makes us falling asleep with a smile on our face, whatever makes us feel loved, proud, accomplished, alive?

In November 2014 I had the opportunity to bring a change and a touch of happiness in some persons’ lives through an action in Lisbon aimed to raise awareness about this issue. I was in Portugal as a participant in an Youth Exchange about social problems and design-based social activism campaigns. At the end of this exchange we, the participants, organised the action I mentioned above and we named it “Take your Time”.

With this action we wanted to remind people that we should invest our time wisely, thus we should work to change our bad habits and invest more of our time in the things that make us or people that we care about happier.

The event took part in the center of Lisbon - at Praça do Comércio – and we tried our best to offer people a complete experience – to make them realise that it is important to make time for those things that bring happiness into their lives, to make them remember what are those things that truly matter for them and, finally, to help them find solutions in order to make time for those activities.

At the beginning of their experience, people who joined the action were invited to write on a poster the things that they would like to do, but don’t have time for. Then they received a small bottle and a paper to do the same. After that they were invited to walk through our installation where they found posters with suggested solutions of how one can solve the problem of time and manage to do those things he/she would like to do.

"Take your Time" beautiful organising team

Watch this for a better understanding of “Take your time” event.

TAKE YOUR TIME from Lucas Carrascosa on Vimeo.

Because our event took part in the center of Lisbon, there were many tourists passing by so we had participants from different parts of the world. And do you know what I realised? No matter where we are from, what are our cultures or traditions, we all forget to invest time in the same things: hobbies (painting, playing an instrument, sports etc.), our families, the persons we love, adventure, having fun.

Now think about it: what are the things you would like to have more time for? And what can you do in order to make time for them?


  1. I loved this campaign and you know why? The lack of time is the most convenient excuse for all our unabilities. I am confident that you always can find time for the people and things that really matter for you. Everything else are excuses ....
    Moreover, one of the quotes I like the most on this topic is: "Share your time, is the most valuable resource you have because you will never get it back"

  2. You are right, but we tend to forget this. I would also like to organise this event in Romania. I think that people would really like it.